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Staying On-Trend with Fred Perry’s Tennis-Inspired Fits

Fred Perry is a classic clothing brand for achieving a modern and fashionable style.

The label has firmly established itself in the world of men's fashion and British subcultures, designing timeless staple items that we know and love.

Classic Clothing & Quality from Fred Perry

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Crafted with the highest quality materials and finished with a sleek and professional look, this classic British designer creates clothes that generations come back to time and time again.

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Is Fred Perry a UK Brand?

Yes, Fred Perry is a UK brand. The popular clothing label has become a constant fixture in the world of British subcultures. The label was founded by Wimbledon champion Fred Perry and Australian footballer Tibby Wenger. They began with a simple sweatband and have expanded into trainers, coats, barrel bags, sweatshirts, and more that have become synonymous with the Fred Perry label.

What are the Leaves on the Fred Perry Logo?

The thing that makes Fred Perry such a recognisable brand is the simple logo. The laurel wreath is the Roman emblem of victory.

Why is Fred Perry So Popular?

Fred Perry clothing is a stalwart of British fashion and is seen as a statement of individuality and style. In fact, the iconic Fred Perry polo shirt has been worn by everyone from fashionistas to pop stars. The brand also has a deep connection with music, sport and subculture. The items are also available in an array of colours, from classic black and blue to fun pink and neutral cream to match your personality and style.

Is Fred Perry Clothing Smart or Casual?

Fred Perry is both smart and casual. They offer more relaxed, everyday pieces, like washed and embroidered t-shirts, as well as smarter shirts, like the iconic twin-tipped polo. All of their pieces are inspired by the brand’s tennis heritage and combine classic British style with a modern twist.